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New Experiences – Part 2

Rick Hood of Stories From The RoadWhen we last met, BJ and I were about to pull out of the home front driveway to begin our adventure. My preparation to ride is short. When I straddle BJ, I’m ready to push start and bring BJ to life. I don’t need to sync my phone to Bluetooth or get the volume set on the radio. I like to call myself a ‘purest,’ meaning all I want to hear is the roar of the Vance and Hines 2 into 1 Pro Pipes and feel the wind in my face.

Usually, I get a good feel of how the trip is going to be within a few miles of the house. This morning would be no exception.

Wearing my half-shell helmet allowed the morning breeze to rush by my ears competing with the noise of cars passing me filled with people out early beginning their day maybe at Best Buy or PetSmart. As I’m approaching Bojangles near Lexington Medical Center on 378, I can’t resist turning into the parking lot for a quick breakfast. Two egg and cheese biscuits and an orange juice later, BJ and I approach I-26 to begin the second leg of our journey.

Merging on to I-26, BJ’s roar could be heard above the wind blowing past my ears as I shifted through the gears to obtain highway cruising speed. BJ soon settled down to a steady hum as we traveled in the flow of traffic. I was pleasantly surprised by the respect I was getting on the road today. Too often, that is not the case.

The sky was partly cloudy, allowing me to enjoy a more exhilarating ride towards my new adventure. I had chosen to ride safely in the lane nearest the emergency lane and let the motor traffic have the middle and inner lanes. Soon, I was exiting on to highway 6. Low traffic and the casualness of a 2 lane highway brought me to my happy place. The scent of honey suckle and fields of cotton, soybeans, and peanuts filled the air as I rode down 6. I’m soon playing a game to test my knowledge of the local cash crops. For me, cotton, peanuts, and soybeans look the same. I’m a little frustrated that I’m unsure of which is which.

Merging on to highway 176, I’m on the final stretch of reaching my destination. Soon I’m passing by the little towns of St Matthews and Cameron. One thing I like about highway 176, is the farmland and houses along this route. One location is in a line of large trees with a farmhouse sitting amongst them. I begin day-dreaming of that being my place. As I pass by more farmland, I’m again, trying to figure out peanuts from soybeans and cotton. One day I’ll get it. After crossing under I-95, I’m entering Holly Hill and a quick pit-stop. The sky is getting darker, and I’m kicking around the idea of putting on my 3/4 helmet and raincoat. Nah, I’ll make it to Charleston before the rain. I fire up BJ as a few men in the station parking lot working on a pergola watch BJ and I pull back out unto 176.

Just 2 miles down the road, I’m pulling into Dollar General to put on my 3/4 helmet and raincoat as there was now a steady fall of rain. Note to self, listen to my gut. My riding strategy was soon changed to survival mode and my slick front tire. Thank goodness for low traffic. I’m now crossing Alternate 17 into Goose Creek. My destination just a few miles away, I’m getting excited about the collaboration.

event locationThe rain had become a light drizzle as I pulled up to my destination. A dodge minivan was pulling into the driveway as I shut down BJ. I pulled out my camera to take pictures of the house to give my friend an idea of which house she was to find. As I was doing so, a man from the minivan asks me why I was taking pictures. He seemed to be okay with my explanation, and proceeded into the house.

I proceed to move BJ on to the driveway and park next to the garage door to get a little protection from the rain. Opening the door, I’m greeted by the man whom I had met on the street. ‘Welcome to the ‘Who Needs Heroes Anyway!’ collaboration shoot! Reality sets in. I’m really doing this! My amateur photographer status soon to be among professionals!

Stayed tuned!


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