News at 11

What if our day ended like the 11 o’clock news? Here’s a brief look into what my news and weather forecast might be.

News at 11Good evening. This is Harley news station FLST in Columbia, SC. In today’s news, a man loses his longtime friend while riding his motorcycle. Here to report from a few miles east of Whitmire is Willy G.

That’s right, Sam, I’m at the scene where around 1:30 pm today, Rick lost his friend. With me now is Rick. Rick, can you tell us how all this came about?

Well Willy G, As I was riding down the road, I was thinking Aaahhh! Spring. The bleakness of winter is turning into new growth, and the splash of colorful flowers and budding trees are making their presence known. Birds are chirping, and motorcycles are buzzing to their favorite destinations. I began my day with a Carolina Challenge run to Spartanburg, SC to get my final upstate stamp. Checking in with ‘Eye in the Sky’ it was going to be smooth riding up 176 today. I was not disappointed.

On the other hand, I didn’t bother to look at my trusty weather prognosticator called WeatherBug and headed westward with just my half shell helmet. Not liking surprises, in the form of weather anyway, I was greeted with darkening skies. At least I didn’t forget my rain suit.  After pulling off and getting dressed for rain, I made it a mile up the road before my weather prowess saved me from a drenching.  Feeling like a ‘die-hard’ motorcyclist as I pulled into Harley Davidson of Spartanburg in drenching rain, I received accolades from a couple of bikers under the porch.  Mission accomplished and heading back to Columbia, I ran out of the shower and got rid of the rain suit for some fun and sun. But all was not fun and sun. I didn’t see the warning signs. There were no clues to what was about to happen. My friend for 4 years committed suicide Saturday, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Dead GalaxyAs I watched my Galaxy Edge phone jump out of the Ram phone holder and throw itself on the pavement, I knew I had lost a good friend. Farewell, buddy, I’ll miss you!

Thank you, Rick. I can see you’re still quite upset. Thank you for talking to me.

Sam, I’m standing near the scene where the Galaxy Edge died. Emergency phone repair techs have gotten the Galaxy out of the road. Sir, sir, how bad was the damage? Well Willy G, in all our time of fixing damaged Smartphones, we’ve NEVER seen anything quite like this. There is not a place on this phone that the glass did not fracture. Road rash was the leading cause of the damage, but I understand that it was run over by at least two automobiles before it could be safely removed from the road. Quite a gruesome scene if I say so myself. It’s really a sad situation. Our hearts go out to Rick for his loss.

There you have it, Sam. We reached out to the guys at Verizon. All they were able to say was this is the most EPIC story of smart phone’s demise.

Thank you, Willy G. Rick told FLST that he planned a quiet funeral for his Smartphone and thanks to everyone for their concerns. This is news station FLST saying goodnight.

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