Grits and Groceries

Setting a destination to ride before I leave the garage is a rare thing for me indeed. However, this Saturday would be different.

As I headed west on route 378 towards Saluda, the fragrance of morning glories and freshly baled hay filled the a ir. The water on Lake Murray was calm as a light fog rose above the water.  Sans the windshield, the brisk morning wind was rushing past my face making my sunglasses jiggle, and my eyes tear with delight.

Old storeRoute 378 soon turned to route 178 as I headed west out of the town of Saluda on the way to my first destination, a ‘cozy historic building at the junction of highways 185 and 284’. More farmlands of grazing cattle and horses rushed pass as the big twin headed west towards Greenwood. Taking the bypass around Greenwood, I was soon on route 185 north heading towards the town of Due West. (I know I know, I’m still mulling this one over)

The final leg of the trip down route 185 north turned out to be a riding delight! There was plenty of curves and countryside to make the last leg of the journey a pure joy. Due West would be the final little town I would pass through before reaching “heaping servings of “real food, done real good ‘.”

Do ya know where I was going yet? That’s right, Grits and Groceries! Owners Heidi and Joe Trull have created a culinary mecca featuring Cajun, Creole, and southern cooking in a renovated country store that at one time was a post office and a radio station.

My friend Parks was already there waiting for me to show up. To my surprise, the parking lot was already full at 9:15 am. They opened at 9:00! So, we go in and look around for a seat. There were only two stools left at the counter, so we grabbed from two little old ladies that were about to sit down. Luckily they didn’t fall down!  JUST KIDDING PEOPLE!

Recently I was preparing for another trip there f or a great breakfast. Checking their website to confirm there operating hours, to my dismay, I learned they no longer function as a restaurant, but have changed over to catering, holding special events, and attending farmers markets with their products. According to Joe; ‘After 14 years in business, we’re not entirely closing, and we’re not going away.” The Uptown Market in Greenwood and additional farmers markets on different days will have the pleasure of having Joe as a vendor at the venue. Don’t fret, your private parties or rehearsal dinners and such can still be booked along with special events.

Grits ChickenWHAAAAATTTT?! Say it isn’t so! What will I do now?  Well, it’s so, and I will not enjoy another great breakfast from Grits and Groceries. Scouring the internet to find the next great dining destination, I’m very grateful I did get to experience it that one time with mouth-watering memories I will never forget! Not to mention that big rooster in the parking lot!

Ride safe. Ride often.

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