Giving Back to Veterans

In 2013, two long-time friends and riders with Run for the Wall wanted to find a way to recognize our severely wounded combat Veterans and give them the freedom of riding that many of us take for granted. These friends, John “Hardcharger” Barker and Ray “Too Tall” McDowell, came up with a way to say thanks to those Veterans and formed Combat Hero Bike Build (CHBB).

In 2014 CHBB awarded its first bike to Charlie Linville, a young Marine from Idaho. Since 2014 Combat Hero Bike Build has gone on to build six more motorcycles/trikes for well deserving Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam Veterans.

  • Charlie Linville, who lost his right leg below the knee from wounds received in Afghanistan, was the first amputee to climb Mt Everest which he accomplished in 2016 on his third attempt.
  • Brian Mast, a 2015 recipient, lost both legs above the knee, a finger and part of his forearm from wounds received in Afghanistan entered politics in 2016 and won a Congressional Seat from Florida.
  • Shaun Meadows, a 2016 recipient from Tennessee, lost both legs above the knees from wounds received in Afghanistan, was the first double amputee in Air Force history to successfully perform a personnel drop (skydive).
  • Other recipients have continued their personal missions of helping other Veterans adjust to life after military service. Steve “Sgt Rock” Walker, one of our 2015 recipients and Army Veteran from Texas lost his arm during his third tour in Vietnam, now rides his Goldwing trike all over the country to continue his work through M25 Ministries.

CHBB’s 2018 recipients are Dylan Gray and Christian Young.

  • Dylan Gray, a Marine from Nevada lost both legs below the knee from wounds received during his third tour in Iraq, will receive his bike at the kickoff dinner for Run for the Wall on May 15, 2018, in Ontario, CA.
  • Christian Young, a Soldier from Florida, will be awarded his bike at the Salute to American Veterans Rally & Festival in Cripple Creek, CO mid-August.

CHBB modifies each bike to meet the individual needs of the Veteran which involves modified braking systems, trike kits or side cars, new engines, new transmissions with reverse, new tires, wheels, and customized paint jobs. CHBB has been fortunate to have all the motorcycles donated, but costs of modifications can easily reach up to $20,000 depending on the modifications.

CHBB is able to accomplish its mission through donations from individuals, private businesses, Veterans organizations, and merchandise sales.

Combat Hero Bike Build is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Please visit the Combat Hero Bike Build website to learn more about its mission, upcoming activities, and the Veterans that have received bikes.


Doug Lyvere
SgtMaj, USMC ret
RFTW BoD, Dir Ops & Training
www.RFTW.usPresident & Chairman, Eagle Warriors
www.eaglewarriors.orgABATE of SC, Asst Legislative Coordinator

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